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Martial Arts Humor - Funny Martial Arts Videos

This is a place to experience some martial arts humor! Let's have some fun learning about martial arts from the funny stuff. Funny martial arts videos liter the Internet, so let's break down and analyze some of these. We scoured the Internet and social media to find the funny martial arts videos for you so the you have your martial arts humor in one place. Whether intentionally funny or unintentionally funny, these videos featured provide a good opportunity for us to analyze, joke around, and roast a little. This is all in good fun and for the sake of education. You've probably seen our playlist on YouTube, but those edited version have to follow specific community guidelines. The videos here are the extended, uncut, and unfiltered versions! So if you really wanted more of Jerry's attempts to be funny, here they are. Jerry is a Purple Belt in comedy and martial arts humor. One day he'll get his Brown belt in Bullshido humor. And we take requests too! So if you have a specific person or instructor or master or funny martial art arts video you want us to look at, please let us know. We area always game for a light roast for the sake of parody and education. If my humor offends you, then I suggest you go watch Shintaro or Brian Glick. Finally, if you like or Fight Commentary Breakdowns, please share this around and show your friends. The world of martial arts humor needs more viewers and more roasting! Another Fight Commentary Breakdowns series: Watching and learning from street fights on TheDojo. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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Chinese Mandarin Lessons From Martial Arts Videos

Have you ever wanted to learn Chinese from me? 你想学中文吗? Do you want to understand what the heck I just wrote? Have you ever wanted a fun way to learn that didn't involve sitting around awkwardly trying to ask each other "What's your name?" Well, maybe this is the place for you. Chinese Mandarin is actually not as hard to learn as you think. It's like learning Jiu Jitsu. There's a system. It's often just not taught correctly. Why You Should Learn Chinese With Me Well, since you watch Fight Commentary Breakdowns, you know I'm a good translator and blogger-journalist in the sino-US sphere. But why else? Besides going to school in China, I've also worked for one of China's biggest tech companies for two years. I'm not going to say which one, but if you watch my videos with the bell button on, you've probably heard me talk about that company before. I also actively practice my Chinese every week like we all practice martial arts. So I've had Chinese school, professional Chinese workplace experience, and continued education and practice weekly. Even if I didn't want to be a bridge between Mandarin and English, I am. I'm an Ivy League educated person, so my analytical skills tend to be pretty high. This makes me able to break down things. But that doesn't mean I can teach it to other people, right? Well, I've also tutored kids for many years and also worked with kids in other capacities like camp counselor, so I've had experience teaching the youngest people. So I've had many, many years to hone my teaching abilities. How We'll Learn Mandarin Chinese First, let's learn about Mandarin Chinese through martial arts videos, martial arts interviews, martial arts cinema etc. We'll explore the Chinese language by applying it to our favorite hobby--martial arts and self-defense! Second, Jerry loves music, so we will use Chinese music to learn Chinese. Jerry will pay special tribute to the music of his celebrity crush 黄龄 (Isabelle Huang) as teaching tools. Isabelle, please marry me. That playlist is called Learning From TV/Films/Documentaries/Music. Third, I have a learn Mandarin YouTube channel that teaches Chinese Mandarin. I will expand on those lessons here! So, look for the playlist called "Expanded Lessons From YouTube." By the end of this course, you should be able to say pull-up bar in Chinese Learn Chinese with me! We will make it fun, applicable, philosophical ;) Other places to find me If you guys want to see my other playlists on TheDojo, then please check out the street fights playlist and the martial arts humor playlist. Find us on other platforms here: Twitter : Instagram: YouTube:

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Martial Arts News In Depth And Unfiltered

Let's talk candidly about martial arts news. Sometimes I might cross into territory that would get me extra-scrutinized. But this is TheDojo. We speak our minds.

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Chinese Dating Show Reviews

You know what? Let's do these. Let's have some fun with these again. And now we can curse and really roast these cringe moments.

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