Le Cung

Cung Le's Fight or Flight Training & Fitness

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  • Fullname: Cung Le
  • Topic: Martial Arts
  • School name: Cung Le MMA
  • Public Address: United States
  • Nationality: Vietnamese American

About Instructor

Welcome to Cung Le’s Dojo be sure to SUBSCRIBE TODAY and train with 3X World Champion, Cung Le, who started his training in traditional Martial Arts and quickly became the Strike Force MMA Champion beating the legend, Frank Shamrock, for the Middle Weight World Title in just 2 years fighting in MMA. Cung Le has fought in just about every major Martial Arts combat promotions from Strike Force to UFC and is in the Hall of Fame for Martial Artist. Cung Le is also the only Martial Arts Coach to have 3 Bronze Medals at the World Wushu Championships and coached the US national Sanshou Team in 2003-2005 and coached the first World Champion for the Team USA at the World Wushu Sanshou Championships in 2003 who also trains at Cung Le’s dojo, who he trained from scratch. In addition, in 2005, Cung Le, coached 4 Bronze Medalist and 2 Silver Medalist at the 2005 World Championships. 3/4 of the USA National Team was Cung Le’s own students that started with Cung without ever having had any Martial Arts training until they joined Master Cung Le's dojo and trained under him years before. Alongside coaching world class fighters, Coach Cung Le, has trained the US Navy Seal Teams in Virginia Beach, VA. Cung Le is well versed in short and medium size weapons and has been developing a online training system since the start of the Pandemic 2 years ago and now it’s finally ready. Everything from being your first responder to fighting for your life or being in shape to run from danger -along with everything you need to learn in a Fight or Flight situation. As you can see, the world we live in is not getting any safer and crime is on the rise while Asian hate is at it’s all time worst. Cung Le’s Dojo will offer a Martial Arts Program, Fight or Flight Self Defense Training, using head butts and your 8 limbs as weapons. Weapons Training also includes using small edge weapons to medium range edged weapons. Cung Le’s wife, Sunshine Spring Le, former Miss Bikini Kentucky, International fitness model, and nutritionist will be assisting and offering basic nutrition as well as tailored meal plans upon request alongside online coaching and personal training. Cung Le will also be featuring, Anthony Le, Cung Le’s youngest son, that is quick to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a World Champion. Anthony will be taking you behind the scenes to all his fight camps and more. The Dojo will also have a Pro Tips section that will include fighters and special operations soldiers giving Fight or Flight Tips.

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