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Level 1

Level 1 will consist of basic Martial Arts for self defense with Cung Le. Level 1 will focus on increasing strength and conditioning while mixing punches, knees, kicks and head butts. Level 1 will alIso consist of basic nutrition to help lose body-fat while gaining lean muscle mass from nutritionist Sunshine Spring Le. Custom meal plan will be made available upon request. Cung Le’s designed this course for everyone. He is excited for you all to join him his family and take steps towards a martial arts lifestyle. Level 1 will feature two (30) minute Martial Arts lessons a week alongside Cung Le’s personal bonus on the go workouts. Level 1 will feature bonus husband and wife (Sunshine Le) and father and son with Anthony Le training regimens. You may email with any question you may have. Serious emails only please. ANY live streams will be made available for subscribers. Welcome to Cung Le’s Fight or Flight Martial Arts Self Defense System.

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