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  • Fullname: SIFU NIKO
  • Topic: Martial Arts
  • School name: 5 Elements Fitness

About Instructor

Biography I have been a student of Traditional Style Yang Tai Chi for over 22 years. My education began at the age of six years old, after watching my father in his own practice of the art. I was persistent in imitating all of my father's movements, as much as my uncoordinated body could allow, and eventually convinced him to train me officially. Most of my formal training has been completed by my father, SiFu LeRoy Alsup, with the occasional assistance of Master Yang Jun. I was studious and consistent in training and practice but was not fearful of questioning the art and challenging myself and those around me. My rigorous training and countless hours of practice paid off when I won my first tournament and became titled as Grand Champion in the ICMAC Circuit. Often I would join different martial arts tournaments, I was paired with several brown and black karate belts, which may seem like a mismatch given the difference in philosophy and style of the two arts, especially since Tai Chi is not considered a fighting art. While sparring with students from different disciplines, I used my mastery of "Soft Energy" to overcome their aggressive attacks. After many big wins, I became even more devoted to the art and began moving towards a role as an instructor myself. My father began to travel consistently for work, causing him to turn over the proverbial reins of his classes to me. The school started to thrive quickly, and eventually, I decided to relocate to a spot that allowed for growth in numbers. As is typical with business relocations, this caused hiccups in how my classes operated, and I had to redouble my efforts for growth. I joined my local Chamber of Commerce to prove my commitment to the community. I traveled continuously to compete and excel in more international ICMAC tournaments all over the country. I was an undefeated Push Hands champion, with my most many wins for the Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas, Texas and more! I also organize and instruct seminars and workshops for Push Hands locally and nationally. Internal Chinese Martial Arts Circuit (ICMAC) 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019 Gold Medalist Nationally known for competing Tai Chi/QiGong Form, Push Hands, and Weapon Undefeated in Push Hands at national level Featured in “Tai Chi Chinese Magazine” in fall of 2013 Featured in “Journal of Chinese Martial Arts” pg(s) 9-14 Teaching our troops Tai Chi and Self Defense 69042567 Created my own Tai Chi Short Film “The Master's Son” Displayed how Tai Chi could be used as a martial art and not just a calming practice for the mind and body 30184522 Tai Chi for Autism 0001169042567h​ ttps:// Push Hands Viral Motivational Tai Chi Video 34747430184522 Informational Tai Chi Video 0001169042567 Balance Test 34747430184522

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