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I began my love of movement as a ballet dancer, and at sixteen, I started paying for dance classes by teaching fitness. I suffered a back injury at 17 which led to a spine fusion. This sidelined my career as a ballet dancer, but I pursued teaching dance. Continuing with both Fitness and Dance in college, I achieved BA’s in both Dance and Physical Education(Sports Medicine) focusing on the prevention and care of Dance Injuries. I realized the only way to keep dancing in my life was to stay physically fit. In my career, I've taught over 40 years of Fitness of all types including aerobics, Step, Weight training etc., Classical Ballet, worked in R & D as an exercise specialist in the private sector. I have taught Sports Medicine, Health, and Physical Education in the public school system as well as coached Cross Country and Gymnastics I discovered a passion of teaching seniors when I got pregnant, and couldn’t teach high impact. I love this population of students as fitness goals tend to be about maintaining fitness to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life's activities.

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