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The Brutality Of Girl Fights

When the ladies go at it, it gets brutal. Here are some examples. Whereas it seems like the majority of guy vs guy street fights are ego related, girls seem to get way more personal when it gets to the point of blows. What they lack in potential skill or strength gets compensated with brutality. What we see in these videos are lots more dirty fighting--hair pulling, garment pulling, and a lot more fighting without end. It's crazy how the ladies just do NOT give up at all and just keep going at each other. Hope we all learn some good lessons from these girl fights. And just to elaborate on a point made during the video. Hair pulls, while natural, shouldn't be the go-to. Unless you can use the hair pull to break structure and create extra leverage, all it's doing is inviting hair pull back and putting yourself in their striking range. And this invites viewers to think about the safety of having long hair in potentially unsafe situations. More girl fights to come. It's necessary for our society and the ladies in society to understand the brutal nature of fighting. Hope that will help everyone learn to walk away, breath, and work out problems better. To see our playlist looking at martial arts humor and comedy, please go here. Learn Chinese from martial arts videos here. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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G Quin

Why is it that guys dont try hard enough to intervine in these women fights? some of them get way too out of hand. Man! that woman shaming bit was just sad, poor girl!