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Not all of them will fight

Here's one of the biggest lessons when dealing with a group that who might want to fight you. If you have to engage when getting jumped, pick out the agitators and/or the alpha male (which aren't necessarily the same thing). Then you focus on the agitator or the alpha male. In this case, I don't have enough footage to know if the agitator was also the leader of the group that wanted to fight. That's why I'll call him the agitator or lead agitator. You also have to take into account opportunists. If I had to make a list from most aggressive to least in a multiple attacker scenario, it would be: Lead agitator (often the alpha male, but not always) Follower agitators/close friends of agitator Opportunists People committed to group who won't fight People with limited commitment to group Random passerby So in this case, we saw the first three in the list engage in the fight. Our guy getting jumped took note of the first two categories, knocking out the agitator and taking to account the other follower agitators, but he almost paid for it by ignoring the third category, that opportunist at the end who was completely separate from the first two groups of people. The other thing to note is that these six roles aren't set in stone. Someone can go from 6 to 3 or 3 to 1, etc. For example, if a passerby was having a bad day and wanted to get into a fight, he might very quickly become an opportunist. So you have to be constantly screening and aware and adapting. Focus on the agitator, but also be prepared to identity new agitators or new opportunists. The original video is here if you want to watch without my commentary. To watch some martial arts humor, please go here. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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G Quin

Lmfao! my man sent him on a forward roll with the last punch! ha ha that;s awesome! Good point on the sucker punch, but he did good all things considerd.