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BJJ Black Belt Should Still Run Away From Gun

We don't know what was going on behind the scenes in this, so please don't pass judgement on who was the initiator or who "deserved" what. All we have is the footage of the encounter. The man who lost his life, Rest in Peace, was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. This is absolutely a great lesson to think about life and when it's worth it to engage. In general, run away from gun if you can. Let us know what you see and if you've been in a situations like this before. Guns are often the great equalizer, so please live to fight another day. Run away from gun. Not worth it for your ego. To see our playlist looking at martial arts humor and comedy, please go here. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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G Quin

the gun is the gret equalizer! its foolish to come up against it without one of your own. Im guessing this was road rage? do we know what state this was in?