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One of the best multi-attacker case studies out there

If you want to see a case of someone dealing with multiple attackers correctly, this is the shining example for anyone seeking multi-attacker lessons. This likely took place in China seeing that it was initially put on a Chinese social media site. In this video, a kid getting jumped by five other kids wins the fight. Let's learn some getting jumped lessons from this. You can see initially the kid gave his back with his first kick, but he very instinctually realized his error, and for the rest of the fight, he angled off and constantly turned to strike at whatever opponent was closest to him. He also made sure to use a variety of kicks and punches. He used speed, footwork, angles, and aggression to win the day. It's very rare to see someone beat 5 opponents with such finesse. Learn self defense and multi-attacker lessons from this! Click here if you want to see our funny playlist where we look at funny and humorous martial arts. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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G Quin

Man! what the hell! that kid is like a real life Jet Li! Amazing! he just destroyed everyone Anime style lol