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Don't Think You Get Special Treatment By Guys Just Because You're A Girl

Guys and girls have different amounts of upper body strength etc. But in a fight, when people's emotions are raging, women have to know it's not a game. A man won't go easy on you just because you're a woman. Watch these examples and see. Again, NOT CONDONING this type of behavior. But you must be prepared and know the risks.

Fight 1

In the noodle shop fight, from my research, the two guys were detained afterwards, but that doesn't change the fact that the women were beat up very bad. This took place in 河北省邯郸 (Hebei Provice, Handan City) in 2018. From the police records, before the fight, some kind of argument got the two sides to escalate.

Fight 2

In this crazy 2 v 2 fight, the date on the top right says it's 2020. And nobody is wearing a mask, so I'm assuming it was that month or so before lockdown in China. Crazy little detail that I just noticed!

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G Quin

Yea also, dont think you get special treatment just because you work there too! that girl got beat by a chair and she worked there! The kitchen staff needs to have come out with knives drawn to de-escalate, kinda like the escalator-deescalator concept, "You wana fight get through me first".