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What NOT To Do Against Someone With Bladed Weapon

Bladed weapons are so dangerous. We don't know why the three younger guys were getting into some kind of verbal altercation with the older man. Whatever the case, it turned ugly fast. Watch this video for some knife defense basics. Besides the lessons in this video, something else I would love to point out is that if the three guys charged at the man at the same time with one guy specifically controlling the arm that had the bladed weapon, then they might have had a chance. To quote Active Self Protection, "Don't be in stupid places with stupid people at stupid times of the day doing stupid things." How's that for good knife defense basics in addition to running away and not engaging. To see our playlist looking at martial arts humor and comedy, please go here. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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G Quin

This is total miss communication. The first guy is a dumbass and the one most at fault because he sees the weapon, but tells nobody. He could have shouted, or he could have used body language, or pointed it out; and he did none of these things. The first guy that engages did not know about the weapon, from his point of view it was conceled, the second guy engaging after his buddy was downed, just assumed his buddy took a knockout blow, and then engaged, he never tended to his fallen ally, once h