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10 Minutes Of Bullshido

Yes people, the extended cut of this version on YouTube. 10 Minutes of Pure Bullshido! We have various clowns who teach interestingly bad fight instruction. Might we call this Bullshido martial arts? Let's learn from some of this and have a Fight Commentary Breakdowns roast. In this video we have: Fake levitation Fake takedowns Tai Chi bullshido Wrist lock bullshido Army training? Silat 1 Silat 2 Chin training? Grandpa Tai Chi one inch punch Drunken Russian Boxing Bad BJJ instructional More Tai Chi funnies What part of these 10 minutes of bullshido martial arts did you enjoy the most? If you want to learn from street fights, go to this playlist. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Facebook -

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G Quin

Putting the girl to sleep man, so irresponsible