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Hilarious Martial Arts Instructors

In this episode we have some very funny martial arts teachers. Self-defense bullshido for the win? This is the extended version to this video on YouTube: Master hyperextended knee How to fight three people (one even has a knife?) Swimming Systema guy (can't touch this?) Ninja Turtle Fan Guy thinking he's so cool Find us on other platforms here: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Facebook -

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G Quin

first clip almost reminds me of one one of those old school charlie chaplin videos lol. Dude that lady in the second clip! what is this white privillage! Not even superhero movies now a days include scenes that fake ha ha. Lmfao, that last clip escalates quickly (Kick tree, abuse some random little kid, Fail to knee splitting a board in half XD).

Jim Tan

Hyperextended knee for the win.

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