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Ridiculous Techniques

These are some of the best ones you'll ever see in your life (sarcasm). These are some of the most ridiculous fight techniques. Besides self defense with your bare hands, there's even knife and gun defense involved. This is the un-cut version of this video on YouTube. Funny martial arts for the win, right? We have: Fatal Attraction inspired self defense Lean on the wall knife defense Spray the onlookers? AR defense Pressure point choke defense Chain punch those cojones Donkey Guard? Foot lock Seizing those balls? Glasses advantage Grab defense wrist-lock takedown Various nunchuck fails Let us know which one you thought was the most ridiculous technique. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Facebook -

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G Quin

yea i definitley question the validity of some of these tecniques, but some on here, may work in some cases, pretty funny though.