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How To Say IM FULL - Expanded Chinese Lesson

Let's learn how to say you're full. Aka you've had enough to eat. Here are some of the other expressions explored in the video: 你饱了吗?nǐ bǎo le ma? Are you full? (Literally: You full?) 没吃饱 méi chī bǎo I'm not full (Literally: not eating full) 吃不饱 chī bù bǎo I'm can't get full (Literally: eat not full) Used Figuratively I remember as a kid in China, my friend and I were shooting airsoft guns. He accidentally hit someone, and the person turned to him and said, "吃饱了!敢打人!” So basically, he's saying, "You're so full and comfortable that you're not afraid of the consequences of shooting someone with airsoft guns." So this figurative use might be very slang, but it's worth considering. Just remember that most languages have lots of figurative meanings to words, so use them and have some fun! Homework When you are full, some people will still gorge and overeat: 吃撑 chī chēng. So let me know. When you eat do you 吃饱 or 吃撑?If it depends on the food or the restaurant, list some of them and accompany them with how much you eat. Alternatively you could list the restaurants and the portions of food they give you. Is it enough? 吃得饱吗? So for example: Panda Express ---- 吃得饱 (It can make me full, literally: eat fully) Silverlake Ramen ----- 吃不饱 (It doesn't make me full, literally: eat no full) Find us on other platforms here: Twitter : Instagram: YouTube:

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