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Hilarious Interview With Yu Changhua

This was the hilarious interview with Wing Chun "master" Yu Changhua after he lost to the one armed boxer. This is where Yu talked about not being fed enough, and not really losing etc. Let's explore more! Some Chinese words to know to understand this hilarious interview: Not being full Yu claims that he and his team were only fed lunch with two dishes and no dinner. The lack of food definitely contributed to their poor performance. I translated that back in the day. 吃饱 chī bǎo - Be full (literally: eat full) 客观 kè guān - Objective (literal translation: the guest's view) 实战 shí zhàn - Combat effectiveness (literally: actual battle) Not actually losing @7:34 Yu Changhua claims that he didn't go the full three rounds and that's why he feels like he didn't lose. He thinks the ref stopped the match too early. 击倒 jī dǎo - Knockdown 得分 dé fēn - Get points 心服 xīn fú - In agreement (literally: heart agrees) Yu claims he wasn't knocked down by the punch from Xiong Chengcheng (the one-armed boxer). Apparently, Yu actually fell because he had an injury on the leg that was supporting his kick. Ding Hao Didn't Sucker Punch @15:20 Yu Changhua says that Ding Hao didn't sucker punch Xu on Xu's show. In fact, it was Xu Xiaodong that underestimated Wing Chun's power. 偷袭 tōu xí - Sucker punch (literally: secretly hit) 占便宜 zhàn pián yì - Have an advantage (or take an advantage) 小看 xiǎo kàn - Underestimate (literally: little look) Yu Changhua's Lineage @18:10 Yu is a 六段 liù duàn (Sixth degree) Master. How did he get his "certification?" Turns out it's more academic than anything. Yu reveals that prior to 2010, he wasn't ranked at all. He was just a hobbyist. Eventually, he got ranked by taking a test (or maybe a set of tests). He doesn't necessary want to get very high certification because he doesn't feel like he needs that qualification. 9th degree is highest, according to Yu, in Chinese kungfu circles. 理论 lǐ lùn - Theory 武术史 wǔ shù shǐ - Martial Arts history Yu Changhua's injury @21:50 So Yu got his knee injury after accidentally kneeing some metal bar below his wooden dummy contraption. That injury made it so he couldn't really put much force on his right leg during his match with Xiong Chengcheng. Yu admits he over-estimated his ability to fight through injury. 看病 kàn bìng - See a doctor (literally: see your illness) 膝顶 xī dǐng - Knees 伤势 shāng shì - Injury condition 劣势 liè shì - disadvantage One-Armed Boxer Was Heavier In Weight Class @32:29 Yu claims that there was no weigh-in so he wasn't aware that there was at least 10 kg weight difference. 体重 tǐ zhòng - Weight (literally: body weight) Jerry's Parting Thoughts If Yu's injury was really bad, then it makes sense why he looked off-balanced. However, the injury looked more like a bruise than anything. If he actually sparred a lot and conditioned his body, a little bruise would not have affected him so much. So the answer is 对练 duì liàn (spar). The more you 对练, the more you'll learn to fight through injury. Let me know what you think. Try to use these new vocab words in your training.

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