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Chen Yong Tai Chi FRAUD Fails And Then Makes Excuses

Tai Chi self-proclaimed Sixth Generation Grandmaster Chen Yong took on Xu Xiaodong and lost badly. Here is his excuse for losing and failing so badly. If you want to hear my analysis of the subject and not the Chinese lesson, please go here. So I wanted to give you a Chinese Mandarin lesson for you language learning needs. We will learn some basic vocabulary that will help you understand key moments in this reflection by our 陈勇. Also, I made an error in the video. Chen Yong actually said 踏 (tà) and not 踩。They're synonyms, but 踏 is less heavy a motion. So in degree of force used, 踏 would be less than 踩. Also, 踏 is more versatile and can just mean getting on some surface. So in this video, Chen Yong uses it to mean getting into the ring. So keep this in mind when you get to 3:29. Homework Watch the video again and let me know if there are any other terms that you would like to explained that I didn't explain in this video. We will make more Chinese Mandarin lessons from the questions. If you enjoy this Chinese Mandarin lesson and want to see my other playlists on TheDojo, please check out the street fights playlist and the martial arts humor playlist.

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