How To Say Suddenly - Expanded Chinese Lesson

In this lesson, let's practice an essential word that adds flair and transition to your Chinese. Let's learn how to say "suddenly" in Chinese.

More expressions explored in this video:


tā tū rán de jìn lái le

He suddenly came in (literal translation: he suddenly came here)


wǒ tū rán de zhǎo dào gōng zuò le

I suddenly found a job (literal translation: I suddenly found job)


tā tū rán de xiào qǐ lái le

He suddenly laughed

More on 突然 used as transition

It's use is basically the same as in English. For example:

Suddenly, it started to rain.


Homework for you

Many people have epiphanies. For example, 我突然发现我的拳法不够熟练 (I suddenly realized my hands were not very good when sparring). So let me know. Have you suddenly noticed or discovered something about yourself recently?

Answer with: 我突然发现。。。。

Looking forward to your answers! Hope this helps you learn how to say and use "suddenly" in Chinese.

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