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Wing Chun Ding Hao Rechallenges Xu Xiaodong (2019 Madness) Mandarin Lessons

Ding Hao (丁浩), Xu Xiaodong's Wing Chun nemesis, challenged Xu Xiaodong publicly on social media in 2019. This was a year after his stunning defeat and inability to showcase good wing chun against Xu. Let's use this hilarious video as a lesson in Mandarin Chinese. Ready? 开始! 记得 jì dé Remember This is a good one to know. 你还记得我的拳头吗? Do you still remember my fist? (Literally: You still remember mine fist eh?) So think about how to use the word 记得。For example, 我还记得我第一次看到徐晓冬打假。I still remember the first time I saw Xu Xiaodong fight frauds. Try to use this word in a sentence. 走运 zǒu yùn Get lucky (literally: walking in luck) This is one to use when you get lucky randomly, almost like you didn't deserve it. For example, 你没被鲨鱼吃掉,算你走运。You didn't get eaten by sharks? You got lucky. The implication is that I purposefully swam in a shark-infested water. The general word for luck is 运气 (Literally: The qi associated with luck). So in China, you'll often hear people say, "你的运气好。" (Literally: your luck qi good). So how's your 运气? 公开 gōng kāi Public Ding Hao uses this word to describe another public match. 公开的擂台上。Public ring (or platform to fight). So Ding Hao wants to fight Xu Xiaodong publicly again. 所谓 suǒ wèi Supposed So this is a good one to know if you want to accuse or claim something. If someone is a supposed master, they are a 所谓的大师。Ding Hao implies that Xu might pay someone to pretend to be his student to fight. 所谓徒弟。 败类 bài lèi Failure (literally: failed category) This term isn't always used unless for extreme emphasis. So if you wanted to joke or be self-deprecating, don't use this word. It's too extreme. So Ding is really trying to insult Xiong Cheng Cheng in this. Grammatical lesson: 连... lián This is used to say Even (subject) (action) For example, 连叶问也打不过泰森。Even Ip Man can't beat Tyson. 连阿拉斯加也变成沙漠了 Even Alaska became a desert So this is basic grammar that you'll hear a lot when speaking and listening to Mandarin. Homework When's the last time you met someone who claimed they were something they weren't? What were they claiming? Also, what was I saying in the beginning? What does 开始 mean? If you don't know the meaning to that word, it's explained in a different video ;)

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