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Song From Martial Man - 松 Explored

0 views · Jun 23, 2021


This is a very cool little exploration into a concept and a cool Chinese word. Let's explore this word further. Watch this embedded video from Martial Man above if you want to see how these two people think about the word. Song aka 松 So the key word that is being explored between these two is sōng. This is the first tone for those of you who know your tones. 松树 is the natural word that I think about when I see this word. A sōng shù is a pine tree. A pine tree is a conifer, which is different than the trees we see in warmer latitudes. A natural word to know accompanied with 松 is 松鼠. sōng shǔ is a squirrel (literally, pine tree mouse). Don't we all love those little bushy tailed things that run around our neighborhoods? I don't know why squirrels are associated with pine trees in Chinese, but maybe the natural habitats of squirrels are in regions with coniferous trees. So think about when a squirrel jumps, is it tense or does it just glide? That's the essence of the word we're getting at today: 放松 Fàng Sōng Be relaxed. Be loose. 放 can be understood as "to display" or "to let." Let yourself be a pine tree? Yes, it sounds weird, but that's the literal meaning of "relax" in Chinese. Of course, when I use the word 放松 or 松, I don't think pine tree. I just think relax. But the beauty of these lessons and explorations into Chinese is that we get to find new insights into a language. Also, for 沉. Notice the radical is the water radical. So by looking at the word, you know it might have something that relates to water ;) Think about that when analyzing the character. Homework What did I say at the very end? Figure it out and let me know in the comments! When you guys train, are you 松? Also, how is being loose or relaxed like being a pine tree? Let us know in the comments or in a video response.

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