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The Time The Wing Chun Self-Proclaimed Master Blames America

Yu Changhua, our embarrassing less-than-master, came up with this excuse of a "tweet" after his student Ding Hao lost to A Hu. Let's explore in-depth what Yu Changhua said: 美国霸道 (měi guó bà dào) - America is a bully (Literally: America bossy) 美国 means "beautiful" country. That's right. American is beautiful. Whereas in English, the word "America" comes from Amerigo Vespucci. I'll do some research to see why American is called Beautiful Country in Chinese. 卑鄙 (bēi bì) - Disgusting (or mean) This is a term to be used sparingly. If you want to call someone "mean" flirtatiously, then definitely use something else like 你好坏 (nǐ hǎo huài, you're so bad). 卑鄙 is a purely bad connotation. 手段 (shǒu duàn) - Methods (literally: hand segments) 卑鄙手段 So Yu Changhua is literally saying America uses bad methods to destroy international trade and competition. A little non Chinese side note. The Chinese currently is actually pegged and not free floating based on international exchange rates, so many would saw Chinese methods actually have more unfairness. 竞争 (jìng zhēng) - Competition (literally: compete contest) 破坏 (pò huài) - Breaking (destroying) 贸易秩序 (mào yì zhì xù) - Trade order 团结 (tuán jié) - Collaborate (or work together) You'll hear this word a lot especially in political talk. Lots of talk about working together and complaining that Chinese people never work together and that Koreans are so good at working together. So that's the shorter tweet. If you want to know more about the longer tweet, I'll translate that too if you guys let me know.

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