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Push hands instructor 1: Jerry Gets Swing Danced

Let's look at the audio and see if we missed anything. If you think I got it wrong, just say it, TheDojo is open platform. If this makes you cringe, then go smoke some pot and come back and don't cringe as hard.

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Edward Liaw

When he's talking about 四两拨千斤, he doesn't explain it that well but the idea is not that you don't use force but you use a little bit to a large effect. If you add a force perpendicular to another force, you can change it's direction easily even if that force has a large magnitude. Actually, there's no problem with applying a lot of force as long as that force is on the opponent and not yourself. You want to be able to use "whole body power" on the opponent.

dan wyry

well, in taiji and tuishou, you'll find purists who can do it better, and purists that do much worse. But you'll find competitive tuishou practitioners as well that don't claim that "no force is used when done correctly" and instead embrace the idea that the principles should remain while adapting to the context, so they train for it, in this case, tui shou competiions. In that matter, I encourage you to look for Naxo De La Encina, a spanish friend and tuishou practitioner, with lots of experi

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