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Meditation: Grounded Creativity - Sufi Grinds (4 min)

0 views · Feb 22, 2021


This is an invitation to meditate on your lower chakras to welcome grounded creativity. Sit with your legs crossed in your preferred way with hands palms down on your knees. Close your eyes. Begin to rotate your navel around in a circle. Belly forward, to the side, navel back to the spine, to the side and continue. Breathing through the nose: inhale the navel forward, exhale back. Feel the rotation of your pelvic bowl and the massage through your stomach, intestines & reproductive organs. Periodically switch directions. Become soft, fluid and deep. Massage through your stomach, intestines and reproductive organs. This posture is very good for digestion and release. Rotate the pelvic bowl. Welcome any sense of being fluid, beautiful and bountiful.
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