One Of The Most Clownish MMA Fights Ever: 3 vs 3 MMA

3 v 3 MMA match courtesy of the Philippines. This was our most viral Fight Commentary Breakdowns video, and we're making it exclusive to TheDojo ;) What do you think? Do you think you could take on "Love Handles." Also, if we get 5000 premium subscribers on TheDojo, I will reveal the name of my cohost. On a serious note, how would you approach a team MMA match?

More information on the fighters:

Team Estroso - Sugar Ray Estroso, Iyoy Espinosa, and Patrick Dos Santos
Team Gatmaitan - Mark Gatmaitan, Brian Paule, and Jovit Laxamana

Let us know if you want any interviews with the URCC

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G Quin

with a glorious name like Love Handles, no mere mortal could stand against him! ha ha

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Jerry Liu

Or in the words of another awesome commentator: Pumpkin