Korean Rapper Potty Monkey vs A Fan

869 views · Dec 04, 2021


This Korean rapper named Choi Hong-cheol (최홍철) is one of the funniest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting online. In this hilarious freakshow fight on a tennis court, he fights a fan ;) Let's see what happens. Original video here.
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Miles Cooper

Great video! The subtleties here are top, from the drunken monkey kung-fu moves ~ which actually evade most ~ to the wild swings of the untrained opponent, at least, untrained as far as we can see. It's good to see how a person with little training can make wild swings, connect one or two, and get quite confused. Add in the ref (who seems to have his own drunken style) and the chilled audience, and it's a winner!

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