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So much bullshido, so little time

Ally and Jerry test out some hilarious bullshido. Note, one of these techniques (YES, ONE OF THESE) is not completely bullshido. Let's watch and have some fun! Let us know if you want more like this! Brief music from YouTube Audio Library: After reflecting privately and talking to Ally about this, I think it's worth sharing. At 7:41, I made a dismissive remark about how that situation was silly. Thinking about it more, it actually happened to me when I was in middle school. I wanted to share my story with viewers as an apology for not being objective during that moment in the video. I hope this story serves as a PSA, especially to any parents who have kids in that awkward age range that's middle school and early high school. Most of you know I sing a lot, and I did choir in middle school. The way choir worked in my middle school was that the 7th graders and 8th graders were put in the same class to make the choir enough members to be a choir. I was a very small 7th grader. I didn't grow into myself until high school. So one day, these two much bigger 8th grade girls who I was in choir with cornered me one day and took turns doing that move and more to me one day. I was so confused because I was still a little kid and didn't really understand what was appropriate and not appropriate for these situations. I laughed it off uncomfortably, but I never really felt comfortable. There's a sense of shame I still carry from that incident because I still remember the name of those two girls. So even though I feel like that was such a distant memory, I still need to reconcile that incident. It felt like the schools didn't teach us enough about what was normal and not normal, and also, the Kungfu I was doing didn't get me to react correctly to being obviously violated in a way that's not appropriate. On top of that, we need to have conversations about these dark topics so that we can help address them better and also help people who might have experienced them find support. Thanks for reading!

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G Quin

I think some of the karate moves might work, the thing is that karate is a very rigid style, and requires precise technique. Its still a bad thing because one would require a lot of karate training to get it right, it cant be thought in a simple video or weekend course.