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Great Leg Sweep From A Cop

144 views · Mar 03, 2021


In this very interesting street situation from Brazil, we have a cop that leg sweeps a thief from behind. This is one of Fight Commentary Breakdowns' earliest videos. The incident can be broken up into three parts. Initial Decision First, this is the part when the gas station attendant sees the thief. There's always a decision there. Do you confront the thief? Should you let him get away with it since it's just a little bit of stealing? Do you let him get a head start and call for professional help (aka the cops)? That has to be pondered in your head. So in this incident we have the one attendant choosing to confront the thief head-on. The Confrontation Now that the thief is confronted, what does the thief do? First, the thief threatens with a strike. Then, the attendant has a second decision. Does he engage more? Should he stand his ground? Should he back off? Does he try to diffuse the situation? In this case, the attendant chooses to back up a little, out of striking range. I think he probably should have had his hands up when he initially confronted the thief, but the thief seem to be more posturing than anything, so in this case the attendant's lack of preparedness didn't completely lead to a disaster. The Leg Sweep The cop comes from behind and just sweeps the thief down. That was beautiful. However, this action also leads to some things to think about. Is that level of force appropriate for the situation? The thief landed in a way that did not lead to brain damage or other bodily harm, but it could have been that. Yes the thief did threaten the attendant, but would he have actually attacked? So that's something to think about for more qualified people than I to answer. To see the original video, please go here.

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G Quin 2 years ago
LMFAO that cop was dirty lol. After the leg sweep he straight stomps him, and threatens with the gun. Just stand him up and put him in handcuffs lol. Yea the aggressor is rarely and almost certinley going to lack situational awarness, but good on both clearks, they had it and where unscaved because of it.
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