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Rear Naked Choke Keeps Lunatic At Bay

156 views · Mar 03, 2021


We have a video that occurred in the LA area on one of the subway lines. There was a man who looked like he was antagonizing a bunch of people. Eventually, someone comes up from behind and applies a choke. From some reports, it was the first time this guy tried the choke, but his bumping of the hips looked like he knew a little bit about grappling. Either way, this is a great little case study in a street situation that's in an enclosed location. You have nowhere to escape to that can completely remove you from the situation until the doors open at the next stop.

Two of the guys who were involved in this confrontation seem to have exchanged words with the aggressive guy. Were those words necessary? I don't know because I can't hear what was being said, but this is something to definitely think about.

Self Defense Postures
It's interesting to see what the different passengers do when the guy gets aggressive. Some sit there, one guys uses his bicycle as a shield/distance gauger, and one guy puts a handrail between himself and the guy. What do you think would have been the right thing to do?

When You Engage
Our guy who chokes out the aggressive guy did it amazingly, but that's something to think about too. If you're going to step in, what are the consequences? So you have to think this through. How can you use the proper force? Because you're not a trained officer, so you don't want to risk a lawsuit or even potential jail time if you hurt or even kill someone when intervening. Also, what are the risks to you? In this video, the shirtless aggressor likely didn't have a weapon because he probably didn't have a place to put it, but be aware of the potential for a weapon on people who are looking for trouble. Stay safe and stay situationally aware and keep training.

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G Quin 2 years ago
Ha ha that's exactly how i woulda done it if i percieved a threat, just come out of nowhere and choke em out. That guy seemed like a danger to everyone on the train, and i definitley would not walk away (turning my back towards him).
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Vehicle Situations

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