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Viewers Nathan And Steven Featured - Two Sparring Sessions

150 views · Mar 04, 2021


The video got taken down from YouTube because the second viewer spar session was on a work site and looked unsafe. Since this happened, let's put the video here and do some extra analysis. Spar Session 1: Hands Down, Arms Overextended The opponent of Nathan (the opponent is the one with head guard) over-extends his punches. Nathan takes advantage of that. The opponent also has weight on Nathan, and clips Nathan a few times. Nathan takes the fight to the ground to try to negate the opponent's size advantage. On the streets, this is probably not the best, but in controlled 1 on 1, this is very good, if not the best approach if you know how to grapple. Nathan took advantage of the opponent not keeping his arms close and applied an armbar. Good job! Spar Session 2: Do these overalls make you less mobile? This session is interesting because they're on uneven and rocky terrain. Props to them for wearing gloves and headgear to try to make the setting a little safer. I guess there's a rule during the spar session that you couldn't jump off one of the hills and try to flying punch ;) I would have tried that in my immature days. Also, Steven, I think your pants made you less mobile. You had a handicap in this match (though I think you had a size advantage). Submit your matches anytime! To any viewers who want more! To see our playlist looking at martial arts humor and comedy, please go here. Learn Chinese from martial arts videos here. Find us on other platforms here: Instagram – Twitter – YouTube – Facebook –

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G Quin 2 years ago
Looks like all of us, steven, you and I have that nasty habit of just backing up lol. Could this just also be our styles that we are counter strikers?
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