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Three Types Of Third Parties When Fights Happen

146 views · Mar 01, 2021


There aren't just three types of third parties, but in this video we will explore three. We have opportunistic de-escalators, escalation de-escalators, and the bystanders. We can, of course, break these three categories down too. For example, the bystander could be saying things to de-escalate, or he or she could be saying things that actually escalate. Just by being there could have a positive or negative psychological effect. The easiest example of an escalation de-escalator is a police officer. When an officer shouts at you or tries to intimidate you, that's an escalation but also a de-escalation because you know that he could do much more force multiplying than we want. Let's break it down further.

We see lots of these types of people. They could be joining the fight, talking smack on the side, or even trying get other people to join the fight. These people are definitely people to watch out for. There are people that look for opportunities for escalation. And there are also people who want to escalate from the beginning. Escalators often go from third party to involved in the fight.

These types of people might be the escalation de-escalators that we talked about, or they could be opportunistic de-escalators. The opportunistic de-escalator usually protects him or herself and searches more for openings. So in the video, you will see a few guys waiting until there's a lull in the action to go in. Also, people who call the cops safely from a distance could be lumped in with these. There's also what I call "hardcore" de-escalators. These are types that will risk their own safety to stop the fight. My advice: don't be the hero.

Bystanders are tricky because their role is not set. They could escalate or de-escalate. That's why they're bystanders. They could suddenly become an opportunistic escalator or they could be convinced to be a de-escalator. There's probably a series of videos that we can devote to bystanders since they're some of the most fascinating people when it comes to fighting.

Bottom line
Try not to get into fights. Learn from other people's mistakes. Go home and play some video games or go to the gym. Get out your aggression that way.

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G Quin 2 years ago
lol I laughed too hard when the first clip, the black guy just grabbed one of the girls and threw her like a ragdoll! but yea that de-escalation tactic is risky, even i wanted to kick his ass for doing that and i know what was happening, but if somone arrives late on the scene all they see is a 250lbs black man beating up 3 women. The pepper spray one is better, but kinda diffrent because he is an authority figure, so there is a far less chance somone will fight him for escalating-descalating.
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