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Multi attacker blade situation in China

151 views · Mar 04, 2021


The first video went so viral on social media back when YouTube and Facebook were more chill. This fight took place in the 2000s in China. It was a five vs 20 gang fight. And it involved blades. So not only is this a multi attacker situation, it also involved blades. There might have been more than 20 because we don't see how many were still on the floor below. Either way, camera footage shows absolutely a mess that could was a miracle it didn't yield more bloodshed. Somehow, the five people inside a room getting jumped won! Let's see what they did right, and let's see what they did wrong! I recorded this audio in 2017, so looking at the video with a new set of eyes, I really wish the five in the room took one of the couches and tried to blockade the door initially. And afterwards before the police came, maybe they should have blocked the door too in case the gang came back. I think one of the greatest lessons we can learn from any situation, especially with weapons is INTENTION. Are the people threatening you trying to posture? Are they trying to rob? Are they trying to rape? Are they trying to kill? What's the intention? In situations like the first video in this analysis that involves multiple attackers and getting jumped, you almost wish they just want your wallet. Just give them what they want. But if you must fight, the first video really shows you what to do. The five guys that are outnumbered fight back so hard and drive the gang away. They literally throw everything they got at the gang! It's an absolute display of grit and probably a lot of luck. Also, it looks like this gang was just trying to posture, maybe intimidate, so they didn't go in with the intention of turning it into a knife fight. The reason it looks like this is posturing gone wrong is because the first strike thrown was a punch by a gang member. It wasn't an immediate knife attack. It would be very interesting if we could one day get the back story to see how the intimidation attempt ended up turning into a knife fight. Let us know what you would do if you were getting jumped in a multi attacker situation. If you enjoy this Chinese Mandarin lesson and want to see my other playlists on TheDojo, please check out the street fights playlist and the martial arts humor playlist.

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G Quin 2 years ago
Knives instead of guns? this is so odd lol, The 5 people inside didnt even attack the triad with overwhelming force yet they where still fended off. The Triad had the numbers for a massacre if they would have wanted too.
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