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Two Fights That Could Have Been Avoided

150 views · Mar 01, 2021


Always Chances To De-Escalate Correctly
The people involved could have avoided these fights. We can learn some great lessons in how to de-escalate correctly. One fight took place inside a restaurant and involved beer bottles and lots of blood. The second fight took place in what looks like a dock or pier. Both cases had many many opportunities for de-escalation. Also, props to the kung fu guy in the second fight for holding his own.

First Fight: Why Dial Back Up The Tension? In the first fight. There was a minute of non-confrontation and probably tension build-up. That would have been the perfect time to de-escalate correctly. For example, the people on the right side of the screen could have moved tables and gone further away from aggressive guy on the left. Or, looking at the left-side table, the guy sitting with back turned toward the other table could have switched places with his aggressive buddy so that there's no visual cues to escalate. Think about the other people who were either bystanders or trying to stop the fight. What could they have done better to make the de-escalation safe?

Second Fight:
Unsafe De-escalation Attempt
One thing I want to highlight in the second fight is that the Kung Fu master made some big mistakes despite winning the fight. For example, he turned his back to the aggressor at least once. I get that he wanted to de-escalate, but giving his back is unsafe de-escalation. You have to de-escalate correctly. Instead, you gave him an opportunity to escalate through sucker punching. What kungfu master did by trying to act like everything is normal is the equivalent of people on their phones trying to pretend nothing is wrong when they're walking at night in sketchy places. And if Kungfu master was purposefully trying to bait too, then I am definitely not a fan of that either. Either way, there's a lot of room for safe de-escalation analysis.

Hand Placement During Fight
And the beginning of the fight baffles me too: Granted, the aggressor wearing pink tries multiple times to close the distance and grapple, but that doesn't mean Kung Fu master should have both hands down. One hand near the face and one hand a little lower is probably a better option. Viewers, please weigh in on this! Let us know what you think was optimal hand placement for the kungfu master to both be prepared and have safe de-escalation.

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G Quin 2 years ago
That kung fu guy got so lucky, he turned his back on his opponent waaay too much! Also reinforces the lesson, that once the fight begins, best way to end it is to show total dominance (this is why everyone should know some grappling). As for the first clip, i am wondering why the authorities where never called? And i also partially blame the employees for not kicking out one of the parties. In a situation like that one party is always benig more disruptive and rude than the other. Picking the
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Simon Eriksson Simon Eriksson 2 years ago
I think the lul in the first fight really offers a valuable lesson. If you are involved in any type of altercation and it calms down you might think it is over but for someone else it might just be paused... GET OUT FROM THERE!!! Leave the resturant, call a cab whatever but don't wait around for round 2...
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