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Situational Awareness Is SO Important

156 views · Mar 03, 2021


This is one of those incidents that really needs examination because we see lots and lots of people in society nowadays do this very exact thing. Admit it, you sometimes walk with your head down looking at a phone too. Well, if you're going to do that, be prepared to trip over stuff, or in this case, get assaulted and almost become victim of a robbery.

Initial Mistake
Our man in this video stood facing the street with his phone in his hand and looked down at the phone. Not only was he not aware, he was also not even facing the right way. What is so entertaining that you have to be on your phone like this? Somebody said in the comments back when this video was on YouTube that this guy was actually trying to grab an Uber or Lyft, that's why he was on his phone like that. Not sure I buy that. Nevertheless, there are better ways to check your ride-hailing app than this.

Second Mistake
When the suspects walk behind our man, he doesn't even really indicate he's concerned. He's basically making himself a perfect target for the people who want to target the weak. In general, be aware of personal spaces. It doesn't mean be paranoid, but know when someone is behind you. Just be aware.

Third Mistake
There was no attempt at fighting back when our man does get attacked. Everyone needs to be aware of their ability to "turn it on." If you have never gotten into a fight, figure out how to get past that feeling of adrenaline and shock and fight through it. Doesn't mean become a cage fighter or join the Marines, but you should know what you're capable of when threatened. Your first encounter that involves combat should hopefully be in a safe environment or school and not on the street where your life could depend on it!

Good Samaritans Deserve Praise
The four guys who stepped in during the attack and saved our victim from the suspects are heroes. Not only did they not get out their phones and film like some would, but they also use the strength in numbers to really safely protect themselves too. Of course, we also know that this type of intervention comes with the risks, so make sure to think about these in your spare time so that you are prepared for the risks if you do decide to step in. A prepared mind and body and spirit will get you through situations with higher changes of surviving and making solid decisions.

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G Quin 2 years ago
Situational awarness is a rare skill, and phones only make it worse lol. At this level i feel like its just people living in their bubble thinking no harm can ever come to them because they have no enemies, or have never gotten into trouble. But it is also possible to be situationally aware and on your phone, but obviously your attention is devided. The dud got lucky though. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will be more aware from now on.
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