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Learn From Sanda Coach - History of Sanda 1: Why TCMA Can't Fight

371 views · Feb 27, 2021


In this first video, we look at the very beginning of a great interview. Our Sanda Coach talks about why Sanda had to be created. Let's use this as an opportunity to learn Chinese! We will learn Chinese from this interview. More translations and lessons from this sanda 散打 coach interview to come. Three Chinese expressions to learn based on this part of the interview: 从 (cóng: from) 从头到尾 (cóng tóu dào wěi: from beginning to end, literally: from head to tail) So use this expression to tell someone to be thorough. 从头到尾给我说一下 (cóng tóu dào wěi gěi wǒ shuō yí xià: Start from the beginning and tell me everything) 不能 (bù néng: cannot) Use this expression and practice with it. What else can you not do? For example, 不能说的秘密 (bù néng shuō de mì mi: a secret I cannot talk about) 不能出门 (bù néng chū mén: cannot go outside) 搞 (gǎo: do) 搞什么?(What are you doing?) Homework Homework for you: What's your favorite 平台 (píng tái) for video content? What is the 内容 (nèi róng) that you like the most? Let us know what you want to see in this learn Chinese from interview series. For example: YouTube 平台 -- 内容: Cooking Facebook 平台 --- 内容: Political News Reddit 平台 --- 内容: Cat videos TheDojo 平台 ---- 格斗 And if you know more Chinese, feel free to use Chinese to answer these, but I'm just giving you the foundations to start building on. If you enjoy this Chinese Mandarin lesson and want to see my other playlists on TheDojo, please check out the street fights playlist and the martial arts humor playlist. Watch the full YouTube video if you haven't already that features my analysis!

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