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Xu Xiaodong Once Stabbed Some Bullies

182 views · Feb 27, 2021


A lesson from one of Xu Xiaodong's most candid reflections. He was bullied and fought back. I will translate this vlog from Xu's channel soon, but here's a backup in case it ever gets removed. For those of you who know a little bit of Chinese and want to follow along, here's a very brief summary if you want to check your understanding of what Xu says. Xu talks about how he was bullied very badly in high school. One day, he had enough because he knew that he would keep getting bullied if he didn't fight back, and he took a knife to school and stabbed a few of his bullies. In this vlog, Xu Xiaodong goes into depth about how he finally had enough. It's a great reflection in what goes on in the head of someone who's been bullied. 1996 is the year this happened. This day in school, Xu was being jumped by six or seven kids in his class, so while on the ground, he started stabbing back. He hit one of the classmates (the class leader) in the ribs and punctured a lung. He also stabbed another one in the head. Xu also stabbed one in the hand. Xu also looked for some of the upperclassmen who bullied him. He said he found some of them huddled in the corner with the girls. Xu's family had to settle out of public with many of the families that Xu fought. It was settled out of the public, away from the justice system, Xu also stayed home for many months after this. Why this resonates so much with me I've had a knife pulled on me in school once because I was bullying a kid. Years later, I also pulled a knife on a kid because he was bullying me, so I got close, but never to the point of Xu's life. We really need communication with kids. That's Xu's lesson in this video too, and that's what I will second too.

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