Push Hands Instructor 2: Get Into A Deep Front Bow Stance For Me

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As always, if I didn't understand, then please let me know. However, WHY THE F**K would someone do push hands in a deep front bow stance (弓步)? We were told to stand a certain way by Instructor Lee, so why would someone stand in a different way now all of a sudden? If this was just Instructor Lee trying to show different balance points when your feet are planted, then the issue is a lack of clear communication and instruction. And that could explain all the misunderstandings of this entire seminar--the lack of coherence, the lack of explanation, and the constant lack of clear rules for the exercises. Anyone who is in a bow stance knows that you are easily off-balanced. Was the point just for showing that there are weak points in a bow stance (like there are weak points in any stance)? Maybe some people don't know that the bow stance is unstable? Also, NOBODY IS GOING TO DEFAULT TO A GONGBU like that, but that's of course not the point of this exercise, but it's definitely worth mentioning in case anyone watching this extended video gets the wrong idea. Again, this stuff is always open to interpretation. Maybe I'm taking certain things for granted because I've been doing different bow stances and horse stances as a kid. Leave your comments below. And Instructor Lee gets credit for trying. Though for those of you who've seen the YouTube video commentary, you know where I currently stand in my opinion of this seminar. Change my mind. That's always what I'm looking for. Thank you all for watching and coming on TheDojo!

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Jerry Liu | FCBD 2 years ago
Also worth mentioning that Lee didn't muscle Alex like he muscled everyone else. Why? Not implying anything. Just observing.
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