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Cung Le @ Draka

183 views · May 09, 2022


Body slam or shin Kick to the head?  On this double leg body slam, I hit my head on the canvas and got up seeing stars for my first Draka fight. Didn’t even remember the first round. Funny story about my 2nd Draka fight, I came up to  LA to train with @razorob and @tikighosn on a Friday and to watch the Draka fights happening the next day. After our crazy sparring Rob and Tiki talked me into fighting on the show because someone couldn’t fight that was actually my weight  and next thing I knew, I fought the next day and got my quickest head kick KO as a pro. Here’s some quick high lights of the two events. Awesome clip highlights by @l1t_lines 


Happy Monday everyone. 




#tb #fight #wrestling #sanda #ko #martialarts #mma #kungfu #la #vietnam #warrior of God

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