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Two Women On Dating Show

179 views · Jan 25, 2022


These Chinese dating show cultural studies are back. In this episode, I bring in guest Linda to help me with the mandarin and Chinese cultural analysis. After all, it's impossible to understand a language without understanding a culture. This will be a very in-depth and awesome study of dating culture in the East and the West. For those of you who watch these dating show reviews to get a lot of educational talks, this video will be for you. Big shoutout to Linda for joining. For those of you watching, make sure to answer the "ask the audience" questions. Linda and I disagree on so many things ;) 


0:00 Intro

0:24 Initial Thoughts on contestant 1

1:19 Contestant 1's favorite guy and Linda's reaction

2:20 Impressions on contestant 1

3:20 Jerry's annoying Tianjin friend

4:06 Her self-introduction

7:35 She can't cook

8:12 Girl having a lot of male friends

9:41 Does contestant know Mandarin?

12:47 Where Linda is from

13:17 Chinese nosebleeding in movies and its meaning

15:01 Contestant 1's relationships history

16:32 Who's the people in the video memories

16:50 What is dating?

17:17 Always late?

18:40 What habits should you change?

19:30 What does "Put on green hat" mean

20:25 Results for contestant 1

20:39 Contestants and panelists get honest with contestant 1

22:59 Genuine

23:26 The indirect emoticons from China that Jerry learned from Sherry

25:00 Interacting with Chinese people

25:45 How genuine are Americans?

26:23 Final thoughts on contestant 1 and the attractiveness pass

27:52 Doing your own thing and being autonomous

29:25 Worldly paths vs following the flow more

30:24 Jerry's first impression of Linda

31:47 Linda's beauty pageants

32:58 Contestant 2 enters

33:13 Plastic surgery discussion

35:43 Korean girls and plastic surgery

36:56 Linda's thoughts on personal plastic surgery

37:59 Angelababy discussion

38:39 Jerry's Chinese accent

40:43 Jerry meets his fans stories

41:47 Who takes the lead in a relationship

43:29 Couples that stay married

44:32 Respect and society

45:18 Contestant 2 picks her favorite person

45:35 Guy gives his impression of her, Contestant 2 self-introduction

46:45 Guy likes her

46:53 Jerry changes the seat with Linda

47:11 Jerry thinks Contestant 2 is like Linda

47:35 Chinese media and values

48:57 Having an American education

50:52 Jerry's funny memory

51:44 Contestant and guys talk about sa jiao and guys argue

53:08 Jerry's explanation for why guys like her more than Contestant 1

53:42 In-depth discussion about Sa Jiao

59:01 Contestant 2 answers important question

59:59 Contestant 2 asks final three guys a question

1:01:30 Linda talks about the drawbacks of living with parents

1:02:44 Linda shares dating Hakka guy story

1:08:32 Linda notices something about Mandarin abilities

1:10:20 Who Contestant 2 picks + final discussion

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