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Jet Li's Student Gets Destroyed In Boxing By Singer Boy

185 views · Oct 28, 2021


Jet Li's long time student Xiang Zuo takes on a singer named Xiao Shun Yao. The singer has been training boxing for one month. Somehow, Jet Li's students kung fu and kickboxing training completely mis-prepares him for a boxing match. Enjoy this hilarious and sad destruction of our childhood fantasies. Also, shoutout to xiang zuo for cheating like 10 times and also shoutout to the ref for being very lax about the rules. Despite all the cheating, Xiang Zuo still gets dominated. Karma?
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The Dojo 1 year ago

Where is Jet Li? Does he actually teach?

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Jerry Liu | FCBD 2 years ago
6:30 网红脸 - Looks like this word will be a Chinese lesson soon ;)
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