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Two Viewers With First Round Wins

152 views · Oct 26, 2022


Two viewers with first round wins in their ring experience. First viewer featured is Charles Prete. He had a televised MMA match where he won a first round victory over his opponent. The second viewer is Stefanos who has been subscribed for many years. I've always wondered what his deal is because he's very harsh on my commentary sometimes, but that's because he's a very skilled Muay Thai artist. So let's look at one of his Muay Thai matches! His match is a very impressive display of Muay Thai striking. To everyone watching, please let us know what you learned and what lessons for kickboxing or mixed martial arts you could apply. What is your favorite MMA Match. Also, Charles, please keep your chin down in the future. I still have nightmares over it. 

The two matches we watched and provided our signature Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

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