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Wing Chun Fraud Claims He Can KO Tyson In 3 Moves (Extended Edition)

185 views · Mar 31, 2021


This guy named Guan Long thinks he can knock out Tyson in three moves. Let's see if he really can do it when an amateur Muay Thai person shows up to test his "Wing Chun." After all, if he can take on Tyson, he must easily walk over a Muay Thai guy, right? Let's watch and see ;) For those of you who saw this on YouTube, I had to cut the ground portion of the original video because when I tried to upload the full match, YouTube got mad. So this exclusive version on Thedojo includes that crucial part at the end part because we must make it clear that this Chunner has zero ground fighting skill. So sad. Anyways, let us know what you think! When in doubt, assume you're not as good as you are. The average male overestimates his fighting prowess by at least 400%.
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Jerry Liu | FCBD 1 year ago

1:34 Is when the fight starts

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G Quin 2 years ago
Tai Gu Lei straight up said "i am your daddy" and proved it! ha ha this is amazing! i love it!
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