Viewer Steven Skelly vs Tommy Galbraith

520 views · Dec 19, 2022


Long-time viewer Steven Skelly goes into the ring and takes on a much bigger in size opponent. Let's see how Steven does!

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Steven Skelly 11 months ago

Thanks mate. Was a hard fight. We didn't see him on the weigh in because we had seperate times so I didn't realise how big this fellow was until he stepped in the cage. Though to myself "Man I'm in trouble". My coach knew straight away the plan he was going to go for. He was going to use that size and go straight in for the kill. Just weather the storm. Lose round one if needs be. He won't have anything left in Round 2. Honestly, think if our sizes were a little closer, I'd have probably got the knock out in round 2 but he was big enough to eat most of my shots.

I'm also usually a lot more kick heavy but, well I was struggling with his height. I'm wanting to throw head kicks but I'm struggling to reach. Which is why I dropped my hands before the kick to the face. Just so I could clear whatever was in my way and aim it right. 

Though thanks mate was a good watch. I have a traditional background in various forms of Kung Fu and TKD. I also have my dutch kickboxing and catch wrestling background that keeps me grounded enough. I've done enough of different arts to be able to seperate the bullshido from what actually works. I can absorb what I find useful (and some unorthodox movements and attacks are useful because the opponenet isn't used to dealing with that approach) and generally just discard whats not worked for me. Usually figure this out in sparring. I'll take something I've learned in the Kung Fu class. Then I'll go to my MMA gym and spar it there. See if it works out. If you're a traditional martial artist and want to do all that Wing Chun stuff... and you're not pressure testing it. It will not work. Period. Though as I've shown up top. You test that, you put it into practice and you can get it working, on a stronger, taller and far more aggressive opponent.

Thanks again Jerry. Come a long way from boxing on worksites in overalls haha.

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