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Qi La La's First MMA Match - Qi La La vs Katsuaki Aogi 1

96 views · Nov 06, 2022


To see the evolution of our Wing Chun protege Chen Zhi Huang (Qi La La 奇拉拉), here is his first MMA fight ever against BJJ expert Katsuaki Aoyagi (青柳克明). Let's see how Qi La La does under MMA rules and what he does well and not well in this first match ever in his Mixed Martial Arts journey. This is also the start of the epic rivalry between Qi La La and Katsuaki Aoyagi. To all MMA fans and traditional martial arts fans, please leave your comments below! What did we miss in our analysis of the action? Talk to you guys in the comments!

Original video here.

Also, here's the second fight

Here's the third fight

Interview with Katsuaki

Qi La La thoughts.

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